Video editing trials

I’m benched today with a tooth abscess the size of a golfball. it’s been a rough week. so I’m going thru old video from the fabrication phase of the project. Here’s the first batch with some weird shit from iMovie. I need to invest some time into learning the software but in the meantime i’ll just overcompensate with glitter and distortion.

Tradlive: on-site in Titusville

Work continues on the Titusville slate roofing project. Today we finished the second long eave, and moved the rig around to the back for the short side. Tomorrow we get to connect our first hips which is exciting for me! A little bit of hand hammering to remind me what it was like before the wuko and seam closer tools!

On location: Titusville, PA

Snow aprons and skylight flashing started today on location in Titusville, PA.

Thanks to the staff at Corken Steel for resolving our problems with the order in a timely manner to make sure these materials were onsite for my arrival on Friday!