Chimney down to roofline.

We started re-laying brick on the first corses of the chimney today. It’s Belden brick, wire scored with a medium fire. I’ve never laid 20th century brick before and there’s definately a learning curve. The bricks don’t pull as much water from the mortar so it needs to be much drier than what i’m used to flowing for “pumkin” brick.

I finished the front room of the apartment, and started templating some upholstry for the window unit surrond and a corner headboard/shelf for the bed.

shoutout to the optometrist/eyeglass store who threw out a big haul of printed vinyl! Finding uses for it everywhere.
tony montana.
the walls are a mess and it’s not my job to fix them right now. They flat grey did a great job masking most of the imperfections and bringing out the lines in the trim, I expect the same for the bedroom.
first time i’ve had a bed, lamp, and side table in a space that was my own since 2010.

Fall update.

I have been back and forth, and to and fro for what feels like the entire season. I’m hosting a homeless family in my 2 room apartment in Butler while they look for housing here. I have a stack of photos and videos to upload from Cincinnati, the finish of the garage project in Titusville, and some other random stuff.

I’m brain dead. Alernating between Red Scare and souljaboy mixtapes to deal with the overload for the last few weeks.

Ready to jump back into some daily writing and editing.

Home from Cincy

Folks, what a tour it’s been. I lost a set of drawings, a whole bag of laundry. Did some great training and site work with HKC in Cincinatti and then I have 2 days before heading back to Titusville to finish the inscription.

Tomorrow I’ll get some photos from the trip up on the site.